Welcome to E3 Fitness

At E3 Fitness, we are devoted to creating a healthy community and culture through exercise and lifestyle changes. We are committed to helping people in Vancouver adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle so they look and feel their best. Discover new found confidence, a feeling of accomplishment and an increased knowledge of health and wellness.

Energy – Consistent exercise has been proven to build energy, increase lung capacity and pump greater amounts of oxygen to the brain. E3 fitness is committed to making sure you overcome any barriers to exercise including: Lack of time, motivation and energy levels. We will give you the tools you need to feel good after a workout and increase energy levels throughout the day

Endurance – The word “endurance” refers to your body’s ability to participate in demanding activity for an extended period of time. The best way to increase the amount of time you can endure is to challenge your body and practice regularly. E3 Fitness will assist with expanding your endurance by gradually increasing your training frequency, volume and resistance in a safe and effective manner.

Education – E3 strives to maintain constant up to date information in the health and fitness industry.  Through workshops, seminars and the world wide web, we make sure that the latest information on: nutrition, supplementation, exercise testing, exercise programs and current trends and fads is at our finger tips. Through this network of knowledge, we are able to teach our clients the most effective and beneficial exercise techniques, nutrition programs and how to properly use new and old equipment.  There will always be that latest and greatest fad diet or exercise program, however, knowing the facts and having an understanding of anatomy and physiology will help promote greater success in any health and fitness program you choose to endure.