Capoeira – By Kaitlin Daur March 10th 2013

I ventured this week to Capoeira Aché Brasil Academy on East Broadway to attend the Intro class to Capoeira. I was a little nervous, as I always am when trying something new, but also very excited. With previous experience in combative sports as well as dance, I was pretty sure this class would be right up my alley. We started with a dynamic warm-up, warming up the shoulders, hips, and ending with lunges, and push-ups . We were introduced, or reshown for some participants, to the fundamental movement in capoeira called the ginga. Since the movement requires you to maintain a bent front knee and elevated back heel, you can soon feel a burn in the quads and calves. The ginga is done to prepare the body for other movements, and throughout the class we always started with this movement when doing different combinations. This movement also keeps a person in constant motion, making them a difficult target for an opponent, or in my case keeping my heart rate elevated. We progressed from there into learning a kick, and then practicing the kick with a partner. Capoeira really demands body awareness and spatial control of your limbs, while working through combinations requiring a good amount of coordination. By the end of the class I felt more comfortable with the basic moves, had worked up a good sweat and had even learned to count to 10 in Portugese! We finished the class with high fives and fist bumps, a great way to end a class in my opinion!

This month I venture to my first CrossFit session. Stay tuned! :)

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