Each month E3 Fitness will be spotlighting one of our fabulous clients in order to show our appreciation for all their hard work they put in to their health and fitness.

Meet Ali

E3: How long have you been training with E3 Fitness?

Ali: I have been training since the beginning of Oct. 2013.

E3: What are your long term training goals?
Ali: Primarily staying fit overall, improving my muscle tone, but also hoping to strengthen my core. I’ve had some lower back pain and hoped that through proper training I can treat that.
E3: What is your favorite exercise?
Ali: I have given this question a lot of thought, as I am not sure I actually I have too many…. I do like using the machines (trx, and can’t remember the name of the one that looks like a meat slicer by the front entry 😉 

E3: I think you’re talking about the Gravity Training System (GTS)  😉

E3: What has been your biggest fitness obstacle and how have you overcome it? 

Ali: Everything that I have done in the gym thus far, is new to me, as I have never been to a gym or exercised before. I have never been a sporty person, so sometimes just getting the motions right takes a bit of time. Becky has been great about noticing when I struggle with an exercise, she’ll stop me, have me do some corrective exercises or she will break it down for me in smaller parts. Becky’s encouragement and positive feedback helps every time. 

E3: What is your most memorable fitness accomplishment?

Ali: There have been quite a few: after months of training, my stamina improved, my lower back pain has subsided and just a general good feeling. It has also been my first year participating in the Sun Run 10k, and the Child Run 5k.

E3: Would you recommend training with E3 Fitness to your family/friends? 
Yes, definitely. The trainers (Kaitlin and Becky) have been always super friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. They have always encouraged me to push my limits, as they seem to be able to see that I am capable of much more then I think I am. Love it! 
E3: Thanks Ali for all your hard work! 

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