Client Spotlight: June 2015

Meet Dave, our client of the month:

E3: How long have you been training with E3 Fitness?

Dave:  NOT LONG ENOUGH.  Approximately 6 years?

 E3: What is your long term training goal?
Dave:  My goal is ever evolving depending on how disciplined I am with other aspects of my life such as diet and other vices. In January and September of every calendar year my goal is to feel like I’m not 80 years old.  Ultimately though, I hope to not split my pants anymore and be strong like ox.
E3: What is your favorite exercise?
Dave:  Stretching at the end of the session….and box jumps.
E3: What has been your biggest fitness obstacle and how have you overcome it?
Dave:  My gimpy knee.  Due to my stubbornness I have left a legacy of eternal pain in my left knee.  It is both a blessing and a curse, depending on what exercise Jackie is proposing next.
E3: What is your most memorable fitness accomplishment?
Dave:  I peaked in high school and I think the tales of athleticism I tell now are greatly exaggerated.  With that in mind, I can honestly say my most memorable fitness accomplishments are when I stay committed to training with Jackie for any legitimate length of time and when I can see and feel my strength and conditioning change dramatically for the better. 
As a side bar, I have also run several (2) quarter marathons, but again I’m not one to brag and wish to shine the spotlight on Jackie here.
E3: Would you recommend training with E3 Fitness to your family and friends?:
Dave:  1000% I would.  Not only is Jackie a phenomenal trainer, but she is also an incredibly talented adult babysitter in my case.  Kidding aside, Jackie has always had my best interests at heart and continues to teach me each and every session.  Why?  Because if I didn’t have Jackie, I would have huge biceps, tiny legs and a bad back.
E3: Thanks Dave. We hope we can continue to work towards your goals and that you avoid splitting your pants in the future!