Client Spotlight: March 2016

Meet our hard working client and spotlight this month, Jamie!

E3: How long have you been training with E3 Fitness?

Jamie: Just about one year

E3: What is your long term training goal:

Jamie: My long term goal is to loose weight and get into a healthy fitness routine for life.  I also want to compete in a run such as the Sun Run or something similar to that.

E3: What is your favorite exercise?

Jamie: Since I am strong in my legs, I like anything I can really push through with my lower body – kettle bell squats and dead lifts are great.

E3: What has been your biggest fitness obstacle and how have you overcome it?

Jamie: The biggest obstacle for me was making fitness part of my daily schedule and pushing myself to keep doing it.  I have never been a “gym” guy and although I have been active all of my life, working out was just something I never did.  Now I am trying to work out a minimum of five days a week including two days of training.  The next challenge I have started is changing my diet and cutting out items like bread and beer (harder then I thought).

E3: What is your most memorable fitness accomplishment:
Jamie: I started to do the Grouse Grind last year and it wasn’t pretty when I started.  Now my time is better and my overall energy level is still there when I reach the top.
E3: Would you recommend training with E3 Fitness to your family and friends? Why?
Jamie: The main reason I would recommend training with E3 Fitness to friends and family is that E3 works with you to meet your goals and is very good to push you in the right directions.
E3: Thanks for your commitment and hard work Jamie. You have worked incredibly hard to get to where you are, keep it up!