Meet Matena – Our hard working client of the month.

E3: How long have you been training with E3 Fitness?

M: I have been training with E3 Fitness since December 2013.

E3: What is your long term training goal?

M: I was involved in a motor vehicle accident, so my main training goal was to improve my strength and help decrease back and neck pain.  However, the training has helped me become more focused on staying fit overall.

E3: What is your favorite exercise?

M: Plank, trx and spin bike

E3: What has been your biggest fitness obstacle and how have you overcome it?

M: Being able to strengthen my back, legs, upper body and core muscles from my accident to complete exercises but also being able to increase the amount of reps on exercises (such as plank, squats, lunges and pushups) that seemed difficult for me before and has become less difficult.

E3: What is your most memorable fitness accomplishment?

M: I feel much stronger when I go on long walks but also stronger in general (legs, core, upper body). A stronger/more conditioned body allows you to do your day to day tasks and workouts pain free and with more energy.

E3: Would you recommend training with E3 Fitness to your family/friends? Why?

M: Yes I strongly recommend training with E3 Fitness.  I love working with Jackie, she is very friendly and a great trainer to work with.  Her knowledge and type of training fits with my situation and goals.  She encourages me to push myself more and also sees that I am capable of more which has helped me so much and has made me feel so much better of myself.

E3: Thanks Matena for all your hard work and dedication. It has paid off!

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