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Fall Classic, November 2013

When Bob first came to train with me back in 2010, he had never formally participated in any sport, strength or endurance training. After rehabbing from an old back injury and running recreationally, Bob was ready for his first endurance goal – To run 21.1 kilometers (1/2 marathon).

We set a plan to progressively increase his running distance, restore balance in his movement patterns through improved strength and flexibility and signed up to run the BMO half marathon in May of 2011.

There were many discussions regarding race day details. Bob had concerns about pre-race ┬ádiet, attire, proper warm up, how to space water breaks throughout the race and what he should do after he finished. All very important factors for any endurance athlete on race day. After coaching Bob on all these important factors and taking him out for his final “long run” before race day, he was ready and confident to take on his first half marathon.

At the finish line

Bob ran his heart out during that first race, finishing strong and feeling great. With his family there taking photos and cheering him on, Bob sprinted the final 100 meters with focus and determination.

Since accomplishing his first half marathon, Bob has participated in 3 other half marathon races, completing his 4th this past November in the Fall Classic (photo on the left).

It is always incredible to watch someone achieve their health and fitness goals. As a trainer, it gives me great pride and joy to have a client succeed and create a new healthier lifestyle through exercise, diet and healthy living.

Congratulations Bob, I am very proud of you.

Your trainer,

Jackie Collins

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  1. Marc Marc
    December 5, 2013    

    You’ve made some great athletic achievements Bob – congratulations! …Marc

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