Thank-you Perkins + Will for hosting E3 Fitness at their location in Yaletown for a high energy, fun filled circuit class.

I have provided a brief outline, in case you missed the class. Or, are interested in achieving a similar circuit on your own in a small space with limited equipment.




Circuit Class – Total Time: 30 minutes (5 minute warm up/5 minute cool down at beginning and end)

Equipment Needed (optional) – Medicine Balls, Bands, Mats, BOSU’s

*Skipping and Skater Jumps were added in between stations as intervals

Station 1: Body Weight Squats – 15 reps,  2-3 sets (Increase difficulty by adding a weight)




Station 2: Body Weight Push ups on BOSU ball – 10-15 reps, 2-3 sets (If you are struggling to complete the repetitions, drop to your knees)



Station 3: Jump Lunges – 10-15 reps/side, 2-3 sets (Beginner option: Step back lunges without jump)




Station 4: Standing Band Row – 12-15 reps, 2-3 sets (Squeeze shoulders blades together as you draw the band back to 90 degrees)




Station 5: Band Abduct Walk (Medium-Heavy Resistance) – 15 reps/side, 2-3 sets (knees slightly bent, chest up)




Station 6: Rotating Plank – 6-8/side, 2-3 sets (Rotate from a front plank to a side plank alternating sides. hold your front and sides planks for 2-3 seconds each)

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